Grand Music Academy is a contemporary music school that provides that extra support for the students to develop their music talent. Our way of working with music education is based on a 12-year success in Stockholm/Sweden providing first class music programs by collaborating with municipalities and primary schools. We bring knowledge, inspiration and music to Your school!

Here you can see what principal Mr. Chris Mockrish has to say about our music program Musikstil in Sweden:

Grand Music Academy for You as a student

Our mission is to inspire, encourage and support your goals and interest in music and hopefully make you excel in music maybe as a career!
With your dreams and goals in focus, we want to help you develop your talent as a musician and as an artist! At Grand Music Academy all ages are welcome to apply.

Dear student at Grand Music Academy,

  • -If you want try out different instruments/vocals or styles to find something that addresses to you, we are happy to guide, teach and inspire you!
  • -If you want to form a band and make your own music, we will lead and support you!
  • If you want to produce music and write songs we will make sure you get to learn from the best music producer possible.

Grand Music Academy is also a part of a newly started record label, Grand Music Records, where we offer a major chance to reach worldwide with your music. Grand Music Records is specialized in developing young artists.

To be in the moment and PLAY music is something we cherish! Here we create the future! Everything at Grand Music Academy is hands on and lead by the most inspiring teachers you can find. All teachers are active musicians as well.

Grand Music Academy always works along with the latest music trends and the latest techniques.


Grand Music Academy for You as a partner

Grand Music Academy is an amazing after school activity at NO cost for the primary school.
It means that we provide the primary school with an after school activity that parents choose for their kids and then pay for online at We get to use the music room/department when the regular school is finished. There´s no extra administration for the primary school what so ever. It is a win – win situation where the primary school gains specialized music expertize.

We also provide a great selection of music teachers that the school can use as substitute teacher when ordinary teacher is sick or away.

Grand Music Academy in short:

  • Highly educated musicians are at school and further develop school students towards the knowledge requirements in the curriculum at no cost to the school
  • Music education according to researches also has great affects on students’ language development, mathematics progression, and it creates a deeper understanding in physics and builds a stronger self esteem
  • The primary school is free to use the collaboration for promotion etc

If you’re looking for the absolutely best music programs, look no further than the Grand Music Academy! Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact us any time:

Marten (Founder & CEO)
Elin (Head of GMA London)
Johanna (Head of GMA Stockholm)
+46 704439383