GMG was founded in 2015 by Mårten Fredholm, producer, musician and entrepreneur in the music industry. GMG Records is a part of the concern structure that is Grand Music Group that also offers music education, publishing, management and recording studios. GMG’s intention is to provide artists with a professional, inspiring platform where the artist’s own creativity and expression is in the focus and where collaboration and community is the key of success. We want to manage the solid craftsmanship that’s behind really good music, regardless of genre, and offer our artists the possibility to shape their own music in the way they deem best.

“For us at Grand Music Group one of the most important things is to collaborate with artists that we believe in, where we can support and develop the artists own creativity in contrast to so many other record labels who wants to shape their artists to fit in to the sound of the future and the necessity of the industry”. – Mårten Fredholm